Today, we are more and more aware of the relationship between mind, body and soul.

We think about how we need to nourish ourselves more, both inside and outside. We think carefully about what’s in the food we eat. We avoid things that can be detrimental to our health. We look for answers on how we should live and what will make us happier and healthier. We want to look good and make the most of how we appear – to ourselves and the rest of the world. Part of looking younger and feeling great is a healthy tan, whether a light glow or a darker bronze. We understand the consequences of sun damage. We know it’s doing us harm. We want to protect ourselves. Yet we love the look of a naturally glowing, tanned body. So we think carefully about what goes into a tanning product. We want the purest ingredients on our skin. We want a natural glow. We like the idea of natural pigments from nature, for a natural tan. Now research has found that squid ink, a natural melanin, offers a sunless natural tan so we can be the shade we want all year round. Combining squid ink with the highest quality ingredients, a new natural and effective sunless tan product has entered the market. Imagine looking great, feeling great, with minimal effort – fast and easy, any time, with no skin damage. Think about having that perfect tan – fresh, younger and vibrant, whenever you want. Knowing it’s derived from squid ink, from nature Think about how great you’ll look … Think about how fabulous you’ll feel … And by using products inspired by nature, we stay true to the™ philosophy – the natural tan, from nature.